Growth works when it’s with the right partners; people who share our entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to bettering the communities we call home. — HARRY FRAMPTON

#1 Independent in our market.

#1 and Independent...

Success in Real Estate is often measured in Total Dollar Volume sold.  According to that we are The #1 Independent Commercial Division in our area.  

However, for us that does not tell the real story.  For us it is the number of transactions.  Because behind each commercial / entrepreneurial transactions there are not only Buyers and Sellers, but Employers and Employees, Landlords and Tenants, Jobs and Investments.  

Because we are focused on our community we measure our success by the success of our clients and the benefits to our community. 

Independent Brokerage...

Slifer Smith and Frampton Real Estate is proud to be an independent brokerage and has worked hard to maintain that.  This is not only a badge of pride, but also a conscious decision. 

You see, when a brokerage is part of a larger franchise (just like a franchise restaurant) part of the money from every transaction leaves the community in the form of a "Franchise Fee." 

We choose to keep your money here and reinvest in our Communities. 

Team Mentality...

If anyone ever looks you in the eye and tells you they are the "Expert" in every aspect of a!  Our brokers are fighters, but we are humble We understand that the sum of our individual strengths is what makes us #1.  We unselfishly collaborate and use our collective knowledge to best serve our Clients and our Community. 

Many Commercial and Entreprenuerial deals happen "off market."  You must know someone to be "in the room."  Having a team mentality gives us better access. 

It puts you "in the room."